Our company has been dedicated to construction of trade fair expositions since the very beginning. We are fully aware that our branch has huge impact upon the environment. We have to use lot of materials like wood, glass, metal or various plastic elements while constructing exhibition stands. We do our best to become a company heading towards the environmental responsibility. We have therefore created „Exponex Cares“ program, defining clearly, how to achieve the determined goals.

„Exponex Cares“ Principles

  • Implementation of all the environmentally beneficial processes according to FSC® directives.
  • Employees training on regular basis.
  • Detailed production processes documentation and continuous effort to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Usage of FSC® certified wood by certified wood suppliers in realization of our contracts.
  • Designing, improving and production on construction elements that can be used repeatedly.
  • Recycling and other environmental utilization of used materials.

Forest for all


Trade fair exposition could hardly be done without wooden materials like particle board, chipboard or laminated boards.We built stands from materials with FSC® certificate.We purchase such materials from the most reliable European suppliers Kronospan, Egger or JAF HOLZ. In case the dismantled wooden elements cannot be used any further, we order special containers from the suppliers. Thus, the residual used material is transported back to the original plant to be grid into tiny particles and reused as a raw material in production of new boards.

Forest for all

Thanks to the highest socio-ecological standards and complex monitoring systems of control The FSC® Certificate guarantees that the wood boards labeled FSC® come from responsibly managed forests. FSC® is therefore supported by the most prestigious environmental organizations, such as The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace.


We try to reuse all the purchased steel elements. If technologically possible, we grind and clean surface of all the used metal elements so that we can use them again while welding new steel constructions. In case the reuse is impossible, we hand the material to the steel company, where it can be recast into new steel profiles for us.


We provide all the electrical cables with connectors enabling repeated use. We control all the cables before we use them again to provide only the cables in perfect and safe condition. The damaged electric cables are handed over to specialized companies for further recycling.


The company built a new building adjusted to „Exponex Cares“ principles in 2018.

  • Everybody entering the company entrance hall is immediately attracted by the vertical garden that is cleaning the air and adds to pleasant climate. This green wall measuring 2,3 x 11 meters consist of approx. 600 plants and it includes also the automatic watering technology.
  • Automatized heating and cooling control system – a smart system ensuring comfortable temperature in the offices while saving heating expenses by more than 30 per cent.
  • Charging station for electric vehicles – We could not omit those means of transport while building a new company seat and we got ready for them.
Exponex cares


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